Interview with Kate O’Hegarty

Today my featured author is the wonderful Kate O’Hegarty, author of Mieradome. Thanks so much to Kate for stopping by my blog! Please do comment and feel free to ask any questions!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Kate O’Hegarty, I’m an Irish-German-American (mostly). I’ve written poetry and a travel article about Italy, which have been published. My favorite color is blue. My eyes are hazel. I have many famous cousins and I’m related to many great writers.

(see my website to see who)

Is Mieradome the first book you have written? How did you come up with the idea?

Mieradome is the 4th novel length book I’ve written. The first 3 were YA stories that have helped me get to this novel and learn about perfect pacing, characters, and plot development. The idea came from my Hegarty family’s coat of arms. If you go to my blog,, I have a video discussing that.

What challenges did you face in getting your work published?

I submitted this project to many agents who said they liked it and that it sounded intriguing, but that “it didn’t fit their current list.” That made me realize it would never “fit”, and I would have to show on my own that it could fit one day.

If you had to go back and do it all over, is there any aspect of your novel or getting it published that you’d change?

No, I think things happen as they do for a reason. This process of publishing on my own has taught me a lot about hard work, determination, and going for one’s dreams and goals. I think doing things this way makes me very appreciative of the hard work that agents, editors, publishers, the art department, etc. go through on a daily basis and its never ending for them.

How do you market your work? What avenues have you found to work the best for your genre?

The best way to market my work has been to reach out to book bloggers and great readers to see if they’d help by reading the novel and giving a review. Other ways to market has been to put ads in some magazines aimed at the age group for the book (which is 12-18 primarily), and also connecting on social media like Facebook & Twitter, have our official website and behind-the-scenes blog. Twitter, actually, has been the best at getting new readers interested.

Tell us about Mieradome, I’ve read there is a dragon, what else will the reader find? The title itself is intriguing, is there a story behind it?

It is a story mainly about faeries, but I wanted to stretch what has been done in faery folklore and put my own spin on the culture. So, my faeries aren’t quite cute, they have a dark nature deep within sometimes that they some characters have to keep within them all the time. I also wanted to give a reason why and how they got their wings. I’ve always wondered in other stories, so in mine I added that reasoning for that. The title is a made up word that is actually a clue to the next book in the series. Miera is taken from “mirror” and dome is based on “mountain”. So, mirrored mountain (p.s. that’s a big hint for the next book!)

When will Mieradome be released and where will we be able to find it?

Mieradome will be released in late October/early November. You will be able to find it at any large retailer and on their online stores too.

What project are you working on now? Will the Mieradome tale be continued?

The Mieradome tale will be continued. I am actually working on the sequel to it called, The Saskatoon Balloon.

Do you plan to continue writing Young Adult, or would you like to branch out to other genres in the future?

I love the YA genre and hope to write more stories there, but I’d also love to publish my Bachelor’s thesis about an aunt of mine who lived in Deadwood, South Dakota and was a famous brothel madam.

Do you have any advice to give to inspiring writers?

My advice: if you really want to write, then write. Don’t wait; just start right now. Put down the ideas and then go back and edit. And enjoy writing, that’s the whole point of doing it!

~~You can follow Kate on Twitter and also be sure to check out her Official Website, and her Behind-the-Scenes blog !

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