~Happy News Bulletin~

Well, I’m a rather happy, bouncy kind of girl (in case you haven’t noticed). Though I do occasionally have my depressed/pessimistic moments for the most part I smile too much. I always genuinely get really excited when I hear good news about my friends. Sometimes more excited than I get about good news for me!

So here is some great news I’ve heard lately about some of my twitter friends. I hope you all will be as happy for them as I am and show your support too! If YOU have some happy news (now or in the future) do post or drop me a note. (My email is under Contact Me on the sidebar)

Keep smiling!

This weeks Headlines of Happiness:

I was super excited to hear my friend Jenny Hilborne had her ebook Madness and Murder come out in paperback!

Big news: my friend Steven Jensen had his novel debut this week! Check out The Poison of a Smile available in Kindle format. (Also available in print from Night Publishing!)

Further happy news I heard on twitter; my friend Sean Hayden was offered a contract for his steampunk short story Lady Dorn!

Congratulations Everyone!!!


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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

4 thoughts on “~Happy News Bulletin~

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jennifer Wylie, Jennifer Wylie. Jennifer Wylie said: ~Happy News Bulletin~ : http://t.co/Rlsnh6L Happy writing/publishing newsabt my friends I've heard this week! […]

  2. spauljensen says:

    How can I ever repay you*, Jen?

    * Please don’t ask for money – I’m terrifyingly poor. 😀 xxx

  3. jfhilborne says:

    Awesome post, and fab news all round. Love to hear about fellow author’s successes 🙂

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