I’m Done!

Tonight I finished my current Work in Progress (WIP). Yes, I’m bouncing! There is nothing like FINISHING something!

At the same time, I’m also sad. Now I must edit. Erg 0_o Sometimes I like editing, sometimes it frustrates me. However I’m going to plow through this one, because I’m very excited to start my next book, which will either be the sequel to this one, or an Echo book. Maybe I’ll do both. I’m good at multitasking 😀

This WIP I started out writing at full speed…and then puttered out. Last night I discovered where I had gone wrong…I followed one path instead of another. After writing like crazy for hours last night and today I finally fixed the problem and the end was there.

One of my main issues was LOVE. I’m a romantic. It sneaks itself into my books without me knowing. Unfortunately, THIS book isn’t all about romance. It is a young adult (YA) focusing (at least in this first book) on friendship and family. Love is still present, just not in the forms I usually use, or at least to the extent I use them in.

When I finally got THAT mess sorted out I realized there was so much more to say, so much more building of the relationships in the book I would not be able to put everything plot-wise into one little book. I do this a lot too. The first book I wrote and finished was 180k. When I eventually looked into publishing I quickly saw THAT wasn’t going to fly. So.. chop.. into two books it went. Of course now that I’ve done this with my Aro book, and have so many more words I can use I am deliriously happy- I can write and say everything which needs to be said now. I love it when that happens!

Cheers and big hugs to all of my friends who have supported me while I wrote this one. I’m off to celebrate.. and edit.


About jlwylie

Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

6 thoughts on “I’m Done!

  1. Brenda Sedore says:

    Congratulations Jen! That’s awesome. What a good feeling, hey? Celebrate. You deserve it. 🙂

  2. Trisha Wolfe says:

    OMG! serisouly doing my happy dance for you! I can’t wait to read it. I mean really, get your butt to editing lol. I LIVE for YA and can def def be your number one beta reader on this one =) OOOO I’m so exciting, welcome to the YA family, you must now join us on #yalitchat every thurday night. And I think an Echo book sounds like a swell idea, get to work on that as well lol. Ok, I’ll stop telling you to work now, because I should be doing that my damn self!

    • jlwylie says:

      LOL Will edit as quickly as I can Trish! Thanks so much! I’m a YA addict too, will have to check out the chat for sure 😀
      Will get to work asap tomorrow!

  3. Daryl Sedore says:

    Great Job!

    It always seems like a load off your shoulders, yet, there’s so much more time involved with edits.

    But heh, you can’t edit a blank page, so well done!

    And now for some of that rum…

    • jlwylie says:

      Thanks Daryl!
      I’m actually almost looking forward to the edits on this one. My writing has changed since my last book, and I’ve learned so much since then, I don’t think it will be as bad (technical wise). I always enjoy editing for tone and content- writing is what I love 🙂

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