The Lost Daughter- Chapter Two by Ella Grey

Today I am happy to host author Ella Grey on the 2nd stop of her blog tour. Follow Ella’s story, The Lost Daughter, throughout the tour, something you don’t want to miss! Be sure to check out her upcoming book What a Way to Start the Day, now available for pre-order, released December 1st!

If you missed Part 1 of this story, check it out at


The Lost Daughter

Chapter One

Part 2


There are bonus’s to living by yourself in the middle of nowhere, utmost being, that when you wake up screaming nobody hears you. Bolting up in bed so fast I cracked my head against the headboard. “Crap!” reaching up with one hand I rubbed the back of my head and with the other turned on the bedside lamp. My heart leapt into my throat.

Dad, for Christ sake! You need a bell or something.”

Richard Young had been dead for five years, having your heart ripped out in a weird ritual would do that to you. At the moment he was sitting on the wooden rocking chair that I’d pushed into a corner. It was the best place to sit and read a book but Dad wasn’t reading. He was leaning to one side, his hand under his chin and he looked deep in thought.

You had the dream again, didn’t you?”

I didn’t want to talk about it, running my hands over the duvet to straighten it, I couldn’t meet his eyes. I knew what it meant.

He was upset, most days he could pass as a normal human being but when he was upset, you could see the spreading red stain blossom on whatever top he choice to appear in. At the moment it was a tiny pin prick against the whiteness of the shirt.

I wouldn’t call it a dream.”


Looking up I wondered when it had become normal for me to talk to the ghost of my Dad. Two years, turning eighteen things everything started to chance. Doors opening before I touched them. The water pipes bursting after stubbing my toe, yes really. I’d essentially become a hermit in the cottage my guardian and my Dad’s former best friend Thomas Carter brought me. I was scared that I was losing my mind and then Dad turned up. It hadn’t helped because it was then he told me the truth. About the cult and about me. I’m a witch, a talent I’d inherited from my mum and the reason the cult had grabbed me. They believed that my heart would unlock Pandora’s Box. You know I’ve never understood Doomsday cults, why attempt to destroy the world anyway? Everyone is screwed if the world is screwed.

Okay, I had the same nightmare…again. It’s on a endless loop.” I admitted as a sound that sounded like a sigh came from the rocking chair.

You know what it means.”

It’s been five years Dad are you sure?”

Leaning forward in the chair, he smiled. It wasn’t a pleasant grin and for a second he didn’t look like my Dad. “I’m sure, we need to step up your training.”

In three weeks, three people had vanished and not just any people, kids, teenagers. It’s hard to know the comings and goings of a tourist town but I knew that it could only mean one thing. Even if I was in a serious case of denial. The cult was back and they were going to try to end the world, again.


Like the beginning to the story of Alice Young? Part 3 can be found tomorrow at and if you missed Part 1 check it out at

My eshort, ‘What a way to start the day’ A Molly O’Brien Tale is being released on the 1st of December.

Waking up to realize you may be in the family way would make anyone worry. Especially if the would-be daddy has fangs and is the hunted son of the vampire mafia.
Molly O’Brien runs the small shop ‘Forbidden Charms’ and is the witch to go to if you want something. Operating on the outskirts of a supernatural world isn’t easy either, especially when trying to keep your secret from the human world. Who would have thought life could get any more complicated for the little fire witch?



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3 thoughts on “The Lost Daughter- Chapter Two by Ella Grey

  1. Trisha Wolfe says:

    This is a very cool blog tour! I’ve read the first and second part of the chapters and what a way to end the part here… the cult is going to try and end the world again! Makes me want to keep reading =) Congrats on your release!

  2. John Clay says:

    A dead dad mentor?
    I like a lot.
    The description is good enough for what you’re attempting here and the power behind her whiny teenager (surely we’ve seen enough little girls with a tough life but with powers) will be the deciding factor in me liking her or not.

    I want to know more though, partly because i don’t know!

    There are loads of varying factors that have to be explained and I really hope they will throw me off and surprise me without seeming try-hard (as believe me I have been sorely guilty of in the past!).

    There is a market for this stuff and it ought to sell with the right push from publishers and the right development from the author.

    How old are the people u wish to pick up on this? Just wanna be sure I’m reading your cards right.

    I like the concise wording and the bite-size element of it all. Y’know, I think I’m gonna head over and check out the next leg of your tour.

    And I had a firm writers schedule too! GRRRR!!!!

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