Spotlight on Expectations by Liz Borino

Expectations Spotlight

Expectations by Liz Borino

Published by Lazy Day December 1, 2010


EXPECTATIONS depicts the struggle between what we desire for ourselves and our familial obligations. The struggle is personified by Chris and Matt Taylor, identical twins, who are trying to win their overbearing father’s approval and acquire their trust funds. Love, money, and desire collide as Matt and Chris decide what’s really important to them.


What if you had to make the choice between love and money? We’re talking $50 million dollars here, no paltry amount. What if you had to work at a job you hated to earn the respect, and once again, money of your family? This is what Chris and Matt Taylor must deal with. It’s a story in which the ties of family are tested and redefined and the characters are pushed to their limit to acquire the life, love, and monetary fulfillment they desire.


Aiden and Chris walked in silence back to the loft, or rather, they walked in as much silence as was ever offered in New York City. Aiden enjoyed not talking and just taking in the sights and the sounds of the bustling street. They passed a man and a woman kissing on the street and Chris broke the silence. “So, no girlfriend, right?”

Nope, no girlfriend.” Aiden confirmed without looking at Chris, wishing they could go back to the silence, but realizing that wouldn’t happen.


Sure, just not right now.” Aiden glanced over at him. “No one for you either, right?” He asked deciding to play along.

I’m not big on commitment, especially after Ally.” Chris dated Ally for most of undergrad, but they broke up when she moved to Chicago.

You’re planning letting one woman ruin you for life?”

No, I’m just not giving my heart up that easily anymore. Not that you’re one to talk or anything.” Chris said as he stopped and faced his friend.

Aiden looked into Washington Square Park for a long moment. Night was falling late, which was to be expected in May. It was close to 8:00 and there was still some light streaming through. “You know how you’re not big on commitment? Well, I’m not big on complications. Girlfriends, they tend to bring a lot of that.” They ask too many questions, Aiden said silently. He could only hope that Chris would pick up on this desire for privacy. Chris and Matt were always pretty good at not pushing subjects, but Aiden got the impression Chris wanted to dig deeper. Chris took out his camera and pointed it into the trees. At first, Aiden couldn’t imagine what he was trying to capture. Until Chris showed him the leaves ignited with color and dancing across the screen. “You find beauty everywhere, don’t you?”

I try, but let’s be real here, leaves aren’t nearly as beautiful as human connection.”

Aiden looked at his friend and inwardly groaned. “What are you getting at?”

I feel like you’re hiding something.”

I am.” He confirmed. “You don’t need to know everything.”

Though common sense told him to drop it, Chris pressed on. “What are you so afraid of?”

We all have our secrets. I’m not afraid of anything.” Aiden said as he walked away.

What’s the point of secrets?” Chris asked catching up as Aiden sped up toward their loft.

The point of secrets is to not give people a fucking reason to reject you. Not everyone’s life is tied up nicely with a trust fund to fall back on.” Aiden exploded as he ran into the loft and up to his room, slamming his door. As hot tears rolled down his face, he chided himself for losing control. No excuse for that. Aiden laid alone with his thoughts, barely tuned out by the music playing through his headphones.

Chris lay on his bed across the hall from Aiden wondering what he had to hide. Everyone had their secrets. He had secrets of his own. As for Aiden, he had a beauty a photograph could not contain. The realization shook his own reality. He knew receiving his trust fund was dependent on marrying and having a son. His feelings for Aiden would not help him accomplish that.


Matt was a mere 10 city blocks away at Black, a new night club, but he could’ve been across the country for the lack of parallel between his activities and his roommates’. While they were at home engaging in self exploration regarding their feelings, he was trying his damndest not to feel anything at all. He gazed around the crowded scene. Blondes, brunettes, red heads…he liked red heads. Really, after three or four drinks he liked them all. The stronger the drinks, the less picky he became.

Maybe, he would be a little pickier if he weren’t alone, but he was alone tonight because Chris wanted to lay low. Matt thought downing a beer, feeling as bitter as it tasted. No, I’m not angry at him. I just can’t ‘lay low’ without my head going into overdrive and that’s dangerous. So, he drank faster. Drinking was an acceptable solution to the horror of the office. Quitting was not. A trust fund of fifty million dollars, if he did exactly what he was supposed to do. Worth it, right?

He looked over at the blonde to his right, obvious dye job. Must not have gotten enough attention as a brunette. He, not so discreetly, looked her over again, calculating how much it would cost him to get an invite back to her place. Everyone was here for the same game. I’m not any different than the next guy. Matt reasoned with himself as he checked his wallet. Condoms? Check. Cash? Also check. Maybe his night wouldn’t be so lonely after all.

Semi-blonde girl smiled and sat next to him. “Hi, I’m Mandy.”

Matt.” He responded, returning her smile. “Drink?” Not being sober, he decided to limit his words.

At my apartment, we have better selection and prices. Why don’t we just cut to the chase and go there?”

Matt looked up and blinked in surprise.

What? We’re all here for the same reason and I’m sure you have an important day job, if not a wife and kids.” He watched her get up and tug on his sleeve “You coming, or not?”

Matt wasn’t sure he enjoyed her taking the lead, but he found himself following her all the same. She was getting prettier the longer he looked at her, or his gin and tonic was setting in.

So, Matt, tell me, what is your day job?”

At the question, Matt bent down and started throwing up into what he hoped was a bush and not some homeless guy’s box. Mandy didn’t stick around. He didn’t blame her.


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About the Author:

Liz Borino is the debut author of Expectations, set to release from Lazy Day Publishing 12/1. Throughout her education, including a Bachelor’s Degree from Hofstra University, she’s kept her stories to herself, but this only child is all grown up and wants to share them with the world. Her roots are in Bethlehem, Pa, but she loves to experience new cultures. As fun as that is Liz likes nothing better than curling up at home with a good book or her work in progress.



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