Detour 2 Death with Guest Jenny Turner

Super excited the most wonderful author and editor Jenny Turner is stopping by today on her book tour! Please joy and comment for a change to win a book thong! Happy reading!

Hi Jen! Thanks so much for being a pat of my blog tour!

When I came up with the idea for the Extreme Hauntings series, I intended to use hauntings and paranormal abilities as the main components of each book. What I didn’t intend was for the series to carry so many religious elements. This element grew stronger as the series progressed and as an intuitive writer, I believe it’s important to go where the story takes me and not shy away from certain aspects out of fear others will be offended.

Raphael, the archangel known for his healing power, has become a regular character in his own right. His fascination with Kaylee is growing as she gets older and I think by the end of the series, he’s going to be exceptionally hard for her to resist romantically. I found it very telling that when my 11 yr. old daughter finished reading School’s Out 4-Ever she was upset because Raphael and Kaylee didn’t kiss! Wait until she reads Detour 2 Death!

As I move ahead in the series, I’m excited to explore the dynamic between psychology and religion. Kaylee’s father is not a believer and he believes her experiences with demons and angels are part of a psychotic break with reality. As the series unfolds, however, this will become harder and harder for him to believe.

If there’s any advice I could offer aspiring writers, I suggest they take their time. Too often books are submitted way before they (or the author) are ready for publication. As the industry changes more and more, there is no longer an “instant bestseller.” If you believe that once you submit a book, it’s only a matter of months, maybe a year, before you can quit your day job, unfortunately that’s not how it works. Enjoy the ride, but once you get on board, expect to stay on for quite awhile. The journey itself is thrilling! 🙂

Thank you Jen, for having me on your blog today. I’d love to give one of your readers a free book thong. Anyone who leaves a comment will be entered into a drawing to get a book thong in their favorite color!



Detour 2 Death back cover blurb:

There are worse things than death, but not at Marsden Memorial hospital.

Kaylee Hensler knows her best friend Davey is on the brink of death. She knows this because she’s a psychic. When she flees the girl’s reformatory to get to him, she has no idea the special sort of hell waiting for her.

Reapers are collectors and they come in many forms. In Feverland, the world created by Davey’s sickness, the red reaper goes by the name of Molok, an ancient evil with deep roots. In Shadowland, the dark side of the hospital, a black reaper promises torture and torment to lost souls. The white reaper is the most fearsome, giving Kaylee three days before he collects both her and Davey’s souls.

Kaylee has one secret weapon, one she doesn’t fully understand. Her abilities will be tested, her loyalty betrayed, and her love misplaced. No one escapes Death.

J.R. Turner Bio:

Award-winning author J.R. Turner lives in Central Wisconsin with her husband and three children. She began writing in high school, and after a decade working as a commercial artist, started her first novel in 1999. Aside from crafts, camping and cooking, she loves holidays. A favorite is Halloween, a combination of spooky supernatural fun and chocolate. Visit her at to learn more!


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5 thoughts on “Detour 2 Death with Guest Jenny Turner

  1. jrturner says:

    Thanks so much for having me here, Jen! It’s great to get to hang out with you today 🙂 Look forward to answering any questions or just chatting with your readers!


  2. jlwylie says:

    Great to have you today Jenny!
    Congrats on your new release!!

  3. jrturner says:

    Thanks bunches, Jen! 🙂

  4. “Enjoy the ride, but once you get on board, expect to stay on for quite awhile. The journey itself is thrilling! ”

    The journey is the whole point! I’ll be writing for the rest of my life 🙂 I just hope it also happens to be what I get to do with my life.

    Thanks so much Jenny and Jen!


  5. Verna Clay says:

    Enjoyed the blog. I understand about religious elements cropping up in stories. But like you said…gotta follow your intuition.

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