Steampunk Review: First Flight by Sean and Connor Hayden

First FlightFirst Flight by Sean Hayden and Connor Hayden

When Professor Pelusian Minus’ steamsmith dies, he needs another one quickly. He sends his giant henchman out to complete the task. The professor is not at all happy when Abraham Lincoln brings back two small twin babies. Soon though, he discovers they are just what he needs; he just has to wait for them to grow up.

For years, the twins, Dade and Paige, have been slaves to Professor Minus and his carnival. Now, the professor wants them to build him an army of minions, they just want to escape. With some clever planning, they build what the professor wants–kinda.

Then, Dade finally comes up with a plan for their escape. They think they have it all figured out. But things go terribly wrong and now Dade has to put aside the escape to save his sister’s life. Has Professor Pelusian Minus finally found a way to keep Dade and Paige at his Magnificent Steam Carnival?

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not only does this story have a wicked cool cover, the tale itself is a must read! Steampunk is all the rage these days (so I hear) and if you like it… then this is a story for you! That said, any lover of the fantastical will enjoy this read. The characters are wonderful, as is the setting. An imaginative story it will keep you turning each page right til the end. First Flight is not short on humor either, be it in dialogue or creative names and descriptions.

As an adult I really enjoyed this book, for those with young readers this is a perfect short story, even for those reluctant readers!

I can’t wait for the next installment which will be out soon!

The Magnificent Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus Electric Shorts Series:

#1 First Flight [OmniLit][Kindle][Nook][Smashwords]

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One thought on “Steampunk Review: First Flight by Sean and Connor Hayden

  1. This series is a must read!!!


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