Who said a writers life was boring? Guest author Margaret West

Please welcome my guest author Margaret West. I am happy to announce that I am not the only techtarded person in the world. Her article had me nodding in agreement all the way through!


Ever had that feeling that your hearts going to pop right out of your chest with terror?? I just experienced that moment. I was going through some book sites that I belong to, minding my own business, eating my cheese and pickle sandwich and I find a link there that says, please add your blog link here…I thought great. Another promo avenue. Sandwich in one hand, multitasking with the other, I click on the link. Then chaos reigned on my screen. It was like Spike, the vampire from Buffy, had chomped on my neck, ripped out a chunk of flesh and my life was ebbing away.

A warning box came up on my screen. For the technophobic like myself, that means ‘OMG’ run away, turn off all electrical things running to the computer. But I can’t as I have committed the unspoken sin of writers. I have a WHOLE chapter unsaved on my desktop. My cheese sandwich drops to the floor, to be devoured by my dog, who has not a shred of compassion as he drools all over my floor. So I get brave. The box said I am open to viruses, click here to download whatever it is to stop it. Again, I relate to my technical abilities, which are NONE, and think… should I click on download? It’s a dilemma. Panic drives me to the point of insanity as more red writing tells me to hurry up, before the viruses eat me too. Well, not exactly in those words, but you will all know what I mean. So, what is a girl to do? Ring their computer savvy husband of course and scream down the phone incoherently until he says, just click off the box. As simple as that. Move the mouse and click X.

I click off the box and suddenly it’s like a scene from the hammer house of horrors. Blood id dripping down my screen in the guise of more red boxes, erupting like acne spots, each containing a poison that will wreck my life!! Suddenly a bigger box flashes up. This is the one that will kill me, I know because I can feel my heart palpitating. It says, I have opened a window and trogons, viruses and god know what, are all vomiting over my work somewhere in the bowels of my computer. What damn window. I never opened a thing, the internet just hates me!!

My life is over! I can’t breathe, months of work is slipping through my fingers and all because I clicked on a little, tiny, innocuous link on a book site page. So I am screaming, wishing the computer had a neck so I could wring it. The dog runs, splattering my face with soggy chewed bread and drool, my husband, somewhere in the realms of my hysteria is saying, click off the internet. It’s a scam. You have an anti virus. So I click and click and click, until finally the screen is calm. The red boxes are gone, my chapter is saved and I am left with my desktop page, all in full working order.

I sit back in my chair, my husband resumes his work, the dog heaves a sigh as he sits down beside me and I still have one half of a cheese and pickle sandwich left. Who said a writer’s life was boring??

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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

17 thoughts on “Who said a writers life was boring? Guest author Margaret West

  1. Hi Jen
    Thanks for having me today.

  2. Peggy phillips says:

    Hi Mags

    I see your at breaking point again lol I love this blog, BTW. I just might follow. 🙂

  3. Skyla Wilde says:

    Being a reader, i love to read about your mad turns ha ha ha
    Great post.

  4. Patricia Ford-Hayes says:

    Luckily you had your other half there !!! Not had that happen to me YET thank goodness. Bet men can’t multi-task like us women can though.

  5. Julie says:

    Reminds me of the time I accidentally erased the hard drive and went into total panic mode! Luckily my husband knew what to do, but my life certainly flashed before my eyes.

    Even now there are so many things I’m afraid to do, like change operating files, which my son does without batting an eye. Except if I ask him to do something, of course, then that’s a different story lol

    Great post, Margaret!

  6. Lorrie says:

    I couldn’t help laughing, sorry, because I felt your horror on this one. Yes, it’s happened to me. My heart drops to my toes, I break out into a sweat and my stomach flips. And, I know nothing about computers, either does hubby.

    My solution has been to crash out my laptop and get down on my knees and pray before I turn it back on.

    Oh the joys of being a computer illiterate.
    Great post, Margaret.

  7. kiki wild says:

    I’m a drama queen to panic. I feel your pain, mags lol

  8. Phew, i’m glad i’m not the only one who panics lol

  9. Margaret,
    I went through this with my sister, who clicked on something, got a horrible virus and the only site she could get to was one to download the tool to remove it…and all for $59.95. The panic moment turned into a pissed moment, then a shouting moment, then a ranting, raging moment. All in all it cost her $200 to get her computer cleaned and free of that nasty bug. If I even have an inclination that something isn’t right, I never click on anything. I might have missed some cute links, but I’d rather not risk it. Thanks for sharing your “aha” moment, as they say on TV…but then most of them are pleasant. And cheese and pickle sandwiches??? Yuk! Love ya!

  10. I had the exact same thing happen to me. But it was my son that clicked on a site that sent this anti-virus malware after me. Yes, I freaked out, too. Luckily, his boss was able to talk me down off the cliff and fix it for me.

  11. Ginger, cheese and pickle yum…I’ll post you one out lol
    Diane, I’m so glad you didn’t jump from the cliff lol

  12. Desmond Haas says:

    I have three others in my house with their own computers: my wife, son and daughter. Since I am the computer savvy person in the house, I, by default, become the family help desk.

    A few times I’ve been in the zone, while writing or editing and I get a frantic call from someone upstairs. My 16-year-old daughter can’t be without Facebook for over five minutes or she goes into withdrawal. It’s not pretty. My lovely bride has few computer skills (don’t worry, she makes up for it in many other ways) and I can expect at least two calls for assistance every evening.

    Malicious ‘drive-by’ viruses are pandemic, caused by those of us clicking on unknown links. You can get rid of them, sometimes with bona fide anti-virus software or by using the computer’s restore feature at set the computer back a day or two. However, the best defense is always a good offense. Save your work regularly (if the software has an automatic SAVE feature–use it) and back up–save or copy your files to another disk or thumb drive.

  13. AND I hasten to add, the virus was from a book blog site…eeek…you just can’t trust anyone nowadays. Right, its down to desmonds from now on girls. We have a bug buster in our clutches lol

  14. Desmond Haas says:

    In your clutches! Oh no! What do I tell my wife?

    Seriously, if you have any questions, email me and I’ll try and help.

    //Desmond – Always in someone’s clutches.

  15. Amy Talbot says:

    Hi Margaret – OMG! I’m so pleased you rescued your chapter. I ‘saved’ a blank page over an entire m/s and lost the work. I only had a partial backup. Sigh.

    My worst moment this month – I sent my husband a raunchy text (very very raunchy, and explicit) inviting him home for more than dinner. Only, I accidentally sent it to my son’s best friend (24yrs old). He is also the son of my best friend. I think he is still laughing.

    regards, Amy

  16. Hello, Ladies. I, too, recently caught a virus. One of those wonderful windows that warns you that you’ve caught something and need to download the newest thing… Of course it was a trick.
    Nowadays it just isn’t fair, is it? Everything looks so real. You can’t trust anything anymore. It appears to be the real thing, but is isn’t!!
    I have caught two of these wonderful things now and I scream like a little girl each and every time. So frustrating!
    Good to meet you, Margaret.
    Jen, I hope things are good with you.


  17. authorguy says:

    What do you mean, a whole chapter and you didn’t SAVE!?

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