Book Review: Second Chance by Sean and Connor Hayden

Second Chance (The Magnificent Steam Carnival of Professor Pelusian Minus)Second Chance by Sean and Connor Hayden
Professor Pelusian Minus has moved the carnival to Chicago. Using the twins, he plans to replace all of the carnival workers with a clockwork force designed and built by the young brother and sister. The twins know it is wrong and they stall as long as possible in hopes of escaping from the professor and the carnival that has been their home for most of their lives.

Things seem to be getting better as the twins make a new friend. If only everything was as it seemed. Paige’s life is still in danger and they have not found the one thing that could save her. Is there plan to get even with Professor minus too outrageous? Things take a turn for the worse as a horrible accident befalls them and an old friend comes to their rescue!

Follow along as outsiders start to wonder about The Flying Twins. Will the US Marshal Vance Tucker find them before it’s too late? Will the twins find a way to free Paige from her deadly device? Will Minus’ evil plans come really happen? You’ll have to read to find out.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another amazing story by the Haydens!
I’ve been reading this series to my boys, 7 & 9, and they are just loving it. It’s so wonderful to find a story for young boys…and girls. Yes, I’m enjoying this series so much I’ve skipped ahead to finish both installments when the kids weren’t looking. Even though it is written for young teens, those older and younger will enjoy the very well written story, characters and plot. Full of humor and very engaging I recommend it to anyone no matter their gender or age. Though the story has a satisfying ending in its own right, I can’t wait to see what happens with the twins!
Available for 0.99 at [OmniLit][Kindle][KindleUK][Nook][Smashwords]
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