Get Organized- How to plan a Blog Tour

What is a Blog Tour?
It is when YOU appear on various blogs over a certain date range promoting your work.

Are they worth it? Yes! I’ve done two so far and had noticeable increases in sales.
Some of my stops I had people post they had pre-ordered or purchased my story. Others emailed or tweeted they had after seeing a particular interview or blog post.

It is a lot of work, I’ve done over 15 stops in one month- that is a lot of guest posts and interviews to answer, a lot of emails to make sure everything was set up. Should you decide to do one PLAN AHEAD.

Some tips:

1. PLAN AHEAD! Give yourself lots of time not only to set up stops, but to prepare what will be on them as well.

Make  a document of stop dates and links and what you need to send out (and then marked when you do)

2. Reciprocate. Offer to promote a host on your blog as well.

3. Mix things up. Try to have your stops a mix of interviews, guest posts or articles or flash fiction, book spotlights etc.

4. Have a tour page with dates and links on your blog and or website. Example

5. Tweet and facebook etc each of your stops.

6. Include a contest somewhere, either on a host blog or make a stop on your own blog and have one there. (I had one on my blog on release day)

Having trouble finding places to stop? Post on facebook and twitter you are looking for people to host you. You may have to tweet more than once! Include a Please RT (please retweet) to spread the word. You can also call in favors, just ask your friends, most people are happy to host. Check out the Book Blogs website for groups on blog tours too.

It is important to keep organized when doing a tour or you can quickly become overwhelmed. To help deal with all the stops, create a Book Kit to speed things up. (See my post on how to make one)

Have you done a tour and did you find it helpful? Have any other tips or questions? Do feel free to comment and share!

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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

One thought on “Get Organized- How to plan a Blog Tour

  1. Thank you for sharing this Jennifer. I am working on my marketing plan; I like this idea.

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