Printers Row Lit Fest

I’m back from Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago…okay, I’ve been back for a while…but have been recovering. Yes, it was that much fun!

I headed out Friday a little after 10am for the Ottawa airport. After some wrong turns (I wasn’t driving!) I found my way to the counter at the airport about 1130. I flew with Porter- which is darn awesome btw, and I’ll be flying with them whenever possible in the future. That said… when I got to the counter the woman quickly asks “Are you Jennifer Wylie?” I nod. “Your flight has been canceled.” I have a heart attack. “Don’t worry, we have you on another flight.” Heart starts beating again-if still way too quickly. “We’re holding the plane for you, it’s leaving now. Hurry.” Oh. Nice. I now get to run through the airport and security like they do in the movies. I did make the flight, and avoided all the boring waiting. At least in Ottawa airport.

I landed at the little Billy Bishop airport before 1pm and got to sit in their very awesome lounge until almost 4pm. My 2hr flight to Midway in Chicago wasn’t too bad. I managed not to throw up on any flights. (I don’t travel well, especially on the little airplanes) I think I was a little loopy from the Gravol (anti nausea meds) Onward to the fun hotel… the Days Inn in Alsip. At first glance the room was good. (No bugs! and yes I checked) However I then noticed the hall in the bathroom wall, the toilet that ran. The AC leaked and flooded the carpet around the window. And I kept pulling the knob off the tap every time I washed my hands. But anyways, I wasn’t there too much.

It was so great to meet everyone there. Up at 6am to head down to Printers Row and set up. I got to see my book for the very first time! (Yes there were happy bounces) I was rather nervous selling, but still managed to hand out a lot of bookmarks, and sell some books too. The heat rose through the morning to the point people were passing out and I was getting dizzy. Thank goodnesss for the 7/11 up the road which kept me supplied with slushies. The thunder storm around 2pm cooled it down- though trying to keep everything from blowing away was frustrating. It scared a good portion of the crowds away, but we stayed on til 6pm and then packed everything into the center of the tent and went off to dinner. After a late night the bug-free bed was welcome.

Day 2 (sunday) was a mix of cool and warm but not too extreme either way. I managed to get a bit less shy and sell more books. It was so fun signing them for people, and meeting so many great readers and fellow authors. The Echelon crew is amazing. It was so awesome to finally meet all my online friends I’ve chatted with thru email, facebook and twitter over the last year. My neighbors on either side were the wonder Gale Borger (with her most awesome daughter as well) and Robert (Bob) Goldsborough. These two are great sellers. Bob is fantastic with the readers and I was taking notes when he wasn’t looking. Gale has the most amazing display in all of PR I think. I need to learn to do that too! (Mine was sadly boring) I’ll definitely be going back again next year and am on the hunt for more fests and cons to attend this summer!

Robert Goldsborough

Gale Borger

Sean Hayden

Claudia Whitsitt


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6 thoughts on “Printers Row Lit Fest

  1. shaydenfl says:

    Gosh, not one mention of the awesome guy on the other side of Gale? šŸ˜› LOL

  2. jlwylie says:

    LOL You were so awesome you blew my mind. šŸ˜› The amazing Sean Hayden with his awesome vampire book and gorgeous display. And purdy hair. šŸ˜€
    Better? šŸ˜€

  3. shaydenfl says:

    Mucho Bettero. šŸ˜€

  4. Marian Allen says:

    Thanks for sharing your experiences. Wish I could have been there AND where I was–at Marcon Alternative Realities Convention. Thanks for the pictures, too. šŸ™‚


  5. Reggie says:

    Great post. #am jealous Maybe some day. What an experience. Love the description of the room. Sean doesn’t look anything like I imagined. Seems shorter in real life. And where are his horns?

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