A View to a Kilt- Clan MacPherson

Gaelic Name: Mac a’ Phearsoin
Motto: Touch not the cat without a glove
Badge: White heather
Lands: Badenoch
Origin of Name: Gaelic, Mac a’ Phearsoin (Son of the Parson)
Pipe Music: MacPherson’s march
Clan Chief The Hon. Sir William MacPherson

From http://www.scotclans.com/scottish_clans/clan_macpherson/history.html

I like the motto of Clan MacPherson. I’m allergic to cats so touching it with a glove would be good advice.

 I confess, I didn’t do a lot of research before I named my hero Angus MacPherson in A View to a Kilt. I picked the name because they are a brand of struts and my dh was talking about getting new ones for my car. Sad, but true.

 When Karen Syed, publisher of said book, of Echelon Press fame, told me to find out the tartan for Clan MacPherson, that’s when I embarked on my research. I’m not big on history, but still you might find some facts about the MacPherson’s interesting.

 I found these at Wikipedia:

  • The name Macpherson — or MacPherson or McPherson, according to different spellings — comes from the Gaelic Mac a’ Phearsain and means ‘Son of the Parson’.

  • In the 14th century that Macphersons were partly responsible for the defeat of Clan Comyn, the enemies of Robert I of Scotland, at Badenoch.
  • The chief of the clan, Ewen MacPherson of Cluny, raised a force of 400 men to aid Charles Edward Stuart.
  • There are 17 tartans ascribed to Clan Macpherson. The most common are the red, hunting and dress tartans.

  • Model Elle Macpherson is a member of the clan despite being a Macpherson only by adoption, since she was born a Gow, one of the associated families.

Interesting huh?

Blurb for A View to a Kilt: Waking up next to a dead guy can ruin your whole day. When a wise-cracking interior decorator wants to put her past behind her, the dead body of the mayor’s son makes her realize that won’t happen too easily. A conservative former computer geek for the FBI is holding on too tightly to his past. His wife died under suspicious circumstances and he believes the decorator has the information to solve the case. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t speaking until a series of events convinces her she needs protection especially when her biggest secret threatens to destroy both of their lives.

Chris Redding lives in New Jersey with her husband, two kids, one dog and three rabbits. She graduated from Penn State with a degree in journalism. When she isn’t writing she works part time for her local hospital.

Incendiary 2010 A View to a Kilt 2011
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Thanks for having me today Jen!

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2 thoughts on “A View to a Kilt- Clan MacPherson

  1. Thanks for having me today Jen!

  2. sydnee says:

    dear you you forgot to include the gow clan in the mcpherson i am part of their clan so you left out a peice of history

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