The Journey – Part 1. by Guest Author J.A Campbell

 It begins, sometimes with an idea, sometimes with a word or a phrase, or a flash of a beautiful smile. It sets out with a letter on a page. Just one, single, solitary letter. Then another letter, and another until there is a word. Then many words, then paragraphs that lead to pages and chapters then finally to a completed story.

But that’s just the beginning of the Journey.

As part of my blog tour to celebrate the release of my first Young Adult novel, Senior Year Bites, I’m going to do a series on my perceptions of the adventure of writing a novel. Obviously there are many different ways to get inspiration and write a novel. It has happened to me in many different ways. This is just one way. Here’s part one.

Our would-be novelist’s name is Kira. She’s out one day and something catches her eye. Maybe it’s a flash of light, maybe it’s the way a woman smiles at her partner. It could be the perfect coffee color of the person sitting next to her that strikes the idea. Maybe it’s even a smell. The idea is noticed in a flash, smiled at, and then set aside. The book she’s reading has most of her attention.

Kira goes home and the idea she had earlier comes back and bugs her. She thinks about it for a while then goes about her evening. She goes to bed and the idea bugs her in her dreams. She wakes up and can’t stop thinking about it. Finally Kira gives in and she jots down a few notes in her little black book of DOOM. She has other projects she’s working on, and doesn’t need another one.

Finally, after days of the story idea bugging her, she gives in and sits in front of the computer. ‘Just one scene’ she tells herself. ‘Then I’ll go back to my main project.’

She pushes a key on the keyboard, puts a letter on the screen, then another until she has a word, and a paragraph, and then the beginnings to a story.

That’s how it starts.

J. A. Campbell
Author of short story series Into the West
Author of Arabian Dreams and Senior Year Bites
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8 thoughts on “The Journey – Part 1. by Guest Author J.A Campbell

  1. Trisha Wolfe says:

    Awesome! Love the cover and the premise of this story. Also love the uniqueness of the bog tour =) Love to hear about inspiration! Great post.

  2. CDNWMN says:

    Well with writing like that who wouldn’t want to read whats under the cover? So glad you shared and I’ll be following you, like a stalker, but the really good kind. VBG 😉

  3. […] Year Bites Blog Tour Begins. Posted on June 30, 2011 by phoenixfirewolf My first stop is at Jen Wylie’s Blog. Throughout July I’ll be posting about the writing journey and have a few other random […]

  4. Oh, what a delightful beginning to the tour. I look forward to taking the journey along with you!

    (PS. I loved “Senior Year Bites” too! Congrats on your first novel. Like all firsts, it’ll always be special!)

  5. geri blackwelder says:

    Love that I was privileged to read the “Bites” draft. Happy for your success. I couldn’t stop reading it! Geri

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