Getting back in the game. I am, really!

So I was browsing through my facebook feed and came across a post by my friend Rusty Fischer. If you don’t know who I’m talking about you should swat yourself. Rusty writes some of the awesomest stories ever. Very soon I’m sure the whole world will know this, so you should be sure to check him out so you know who everyone else is talking about.

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. My point was Rusty did his very first vlog (video blog). (Click here to see it) on Valuing Relationships in Social Media. It rather struck a cord with me.

You see, I used to be awesome (and rather addicted) to chatting up a storm on facebook and twitter and helping others whenever I could. Then I started getting more and more followers on both, which made it harder. After a number of other things going on in my life, and getting behind with deadlines and writing and editing, I kinda rather dropped off the face of the earth for a bit. Well, more like I was bungie jumping back and forth, with occasional brief blog posts and stuff.

I’ve realized I need to make more time (or steal it from somewhere) to actually be out there and interacting with people. I’ve met soo many amazing people online and I really should get to know them better. So I have put my foot down and swatted myself … I’m going to work on it…and hopefully I’ll be able to stick to it. That said, look, I did a blog post. Aren’tcha  proud?

So if there is anything you’d like to talk to me about, please comment or drop me a note! I’m coming back to the world and plan on getting back in the game and somehow manage not to fall behind again…that ’cause that just sucked. LOL

Hugs and rainbows my friends!

Talk to you soon 🙂


About jlwylie

Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

5 thoughts on “Getting back in the game. I am, really!

  1. YAY! Been missing my Jen updates!!! (How did you know I was v-logging just to YOU!??!) Definitely one of my more inspiring online/social media relationships, so I’ll be glad to be hearing more from you soon! It’s a good problem to have, being so busy with writing opportunities and, you know, LIFE, but we missed you just the same!!!!

  2. Jen, just do the best you can. Okay? I have had to re-evaluate several times over just this past year. Things can be very trying with our writing, blogs and all of the social networks. Live, learn and move on, my friend.

    Take care and good luck to you,


  3. Anonymous says:

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