The Witch’s Heart- a flash story by author Ella Grey

Come, sit by the fireside and let me weave you a story. Are you comfortable? Then I shall begin.

Let me tell you The Tale of the Witch’s Heart.

The cell was cold and dank, the smell currently assaulting her nose made her empty stomach heave.
The trial had not gone well. She had been found guilty of witchcraft, like the other unfortunate women to have burnt though, Isabella was innocent.

The sound of a key turning in the lock tore her thoughts from the possible freedom through the bars on the window.

She had never seen this guard before, a burly man with a rough manner about him. He pulled her to her feet, and escorted her from the cell. She took several deep gulps of fresh air. Her eyes widen as she took in the sight of a stack of wood and branches.

The braying cries of the mob seemed to attack her from all sides.

* * *

Her scream pieced the air, the people watching her could not take their eyes off of her slowly blackening body.

What happened next could hardly be believed to be true.

Her heart exploded from her chest, colliding with the side of the old bank.
Do you not believe me? Isabella has left her mark on the town of King’s Lynn, and you can still see the place where her heart hit the building.

Happy Halloween Everyone.

Ella Grey is the writer of the bestselling electric eshort series ‘A Difficult Decision’ featuring Rachel Valentine. Available on multiple formats.
Searching for Michael: (1/6)

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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

One thought on “The Witch’s Heart- a flash story by author Ella Grey

  1. ella grey says:

    Thank you so much for having me on your blog

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