How To Get Reviewers For Your Book

I’ve had a number of my author friends, and random people ask me how to get reviews for their books. I’ve also seen here and there authors pouting or complaining they have no reviews. Getting reviews takes a little time, and a little effort. Yes they can happen on their own, but if you want some NOW then you have to work to get them.

So here we go…

Finding reviewers (who aren’t your friends and family) Smiley
Book Blog Directories

I’ve used Book Blogs and have had a lot of success with it.

You join up (free) and fill out your profile etc (side note: go to settings and unclick what emails you get- otherwise you’ll get an email if someone sneezes lol)

Next go to groups- there are loads of them, reviewers looking for books to read, ones by genre etc

~~make sure you follow the groups rules! Some don’t allow review requests, others have a place to do it.

I’ve heard other authors use Book Bloggers Directory , The YA Book Blog Directory and The Indie Book Reviewers List

If you want MORE lists.. just Google book bloggers directory or similar words. There are a lot out there.

Of course the first link I posted is still my favorite…why? Because YOU can post requesting a review. This means reviewers will contact YOU- meaning they are interested in your book and the likelihood of it getting reviewed soon is high.

Twitter/ Facebook

You have a platform here, use it! Come up with something short and sweet and post now and then. Include a link to your book, either its page on your website or on ie amazon. Include genre. If tweeting, and you have room, add hashtags such as #bloggers, #reviewers

Self Published authors: If you have a Nook copy of your book and put it up through PubIt, make sure you “friend” PubIt on Facebook, because occasionally they’ll do a Reviewers’ Day where book bloggers will put out a call for books on the PubIt FB page, and self-pubbed authors are welcome to list their blurb in the comments and if they’ll interested they’ll request it. Many of these blogs are ostensibly clsoed to indies otherwise, except for that day. (thanks so Amanda for this)


Groups can be used to your advantage here. Find ones for your genre, or blogger groups. Many have areas where you can post to request reviews.


There is a spot where authors can post giveaways- Free Early Reviewers Page. Winners are requested to review. Offer a few ebooks up and cross your fingers.

Manic Readers

You can join free (basic) and this gives you an author page you can list your books. You can also request reviews for each book.

Things to remember:

Don’t forget to ask, or say it is appreciated, for reviews to be posted on amazon (or make a list… goodreads, BN etc) as some reviewers only post on their personal blogs unless asked.

Always thank your reviewer at some point (by email is preferred)

Side note: Normally you provide the reviewer with a free ebook. (Occasionally some will purchase on their own)

NEVER EVER pay for someone to review. Tisk. Waste of money. There are sooooo many reviewers out there who will do it for free!

Good luck to all of those looking for reviewers! If you have MORE ideas, or I missed some obvious ones. Please post here and I’ll add. Let us know what worked best for you too!

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14 thoughts on “How To Get Reviewers For Your Book

  1. Sounds good Jen. I also suggest authors offer their book. This may sound funny but I have had a few who have asked me to review and not offered the book. That is my only stipulation to review. Give me the book. I can’t buy books for all that I review. Most of my success from a reviewers end is FB, twitter, goodreads and linkedin. I have had a lot of requests from linkedin.

  2. abledan says:

    This is very informative, Jen. Thank you. Since my book came out I have gone back to those who reviewed my first book and found that, over time their rules have changed. Some no longer review anything but dead tree books. Others now charge huge fees for reviews. In a changing world where more and more books are being published in Ebook form neither of these two models makes much sense to me.

    • jlwylie says:

      Never EVER pay someone for a review! It’s not necessary. There are soo many people out there who would be happy to do it for nothing, just have to find them.

      You are right a number of sites only accept paper books, but again, there are a lot who take eBook too

  3. Hiroko says:

    If there’s one thing I won’t do, it’s randomly rant and push about my book not having reviewers and ask everyone on a website personally to read over it. Thanks for the links; I wasn’t sure of where I could go.

  4. Kelli Landon says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have reviewers who my publisher sent my book info to and now that I have their emails on file, I have been corresponding with them about my new release and I have them in line for reviews! I love the links your provided!! Big help!!

  5. Jen, you always have such great advice. I love the LIbraryThing and ManicReaders ideas; have to check those out ASAP. One thing I know that has worked for me is to keep a simple database or file folder in your email account where you can categorize who reviewed what book and when and where, etc. Periodically I’ll open up a Word doc (Excel would work but I suck at it!) and add the latest names to a reviewer database that has: reviewer name, best email address, website of blog, sub policy (NO Ebooks, prefer Kindle, .pdf, whatever) and either use it for myself or send it to my publisher. For instance, with Vamplayers coming out from Medallion Press next year, I was able to send them a prety decent size list with the above data from folks who had reviewed my first book wtih them, Zombies Don’t Cry. That way we weren’t reinventing the wheel. Anyway, my two cents to add to this already awesome post!

  6. Lainy says:

    I am on most of those sites and have my own websites dedicated to books and authors contact me on there. I have only had a few not offer the book and explained to them I am happy to review almost any book but can’t go out and buy them everytime I am asked to review.

    When someone reviews a book they spread it for free which is great publicity (I spread it on my site, goodreads, amazon and on the book community I am in which is huge plus colleagues).


  7. donnagalanti says:

    Jen, thanks for the fabulous list on resources here – and one that’s very timely for me as I’m researching this topic before my novel comes out in March! And BTW, love this site design – and it’s one of the same word press templates on my list to change over to as I also research a new site design.

  8. […] – has done all the homework for you. This is a repost of a recent blog of hers. It generated some insightful comments from readers so check these out as well. Hope […]

  9. Found it. Thanks for the great advice. Great post.

  10. Great post. I think the important think is to build a relationship with other readers and writers. Also, if you want to be supported you need to support others yourself so doing reviews for others and checking out their blogs, I believe, is a must.

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