New Release! My newest YA short story!

I’ve not been around much lately, I’ve been a very busy bee! On top of working on Broken Aro edits, I’m having a great month of new releases! Out today is another new short story. This is a young adult fantasy, great for all ages about a young boy who loves music and playing his flute…it is a new take on what the children’s song Ring Around the Rosie could actually be about.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support! Please click on the link! Fb likes & shares, tweets and mentions anywhere are always appreciated! If you have a blog I’m happy to stop by 🙂 I hope you enjoy my newest tale!

Ring Around the Rosie by Jen Wylie

An Untold Press eShort

Published Feb 2012 Price: 0.99 Available at Amazon 

Aaron is a normal boy fascinated with music. He loves playing his flute so much he doesn’t even mind lessons over summer break. When he meets a strange boy at the park who seems to be just as obsessed they spend summer days entertaining children in the parks woods. But friends often have secrets, music can be magical, and even the most innocent of children’s games can be more than they appear.

“Weaving the magical into the mundane, making you rethink what you already know, and mesmerizing you from start to finish. Only three of the reasons why I love Jen Wylie’s stories.” – Sean Hayden, Author of the Demonkin Series.

“A chilling tale of friendship, music and magic.” – J.A. Campbell, Author of Doc, Vampire-Hunting Dog.

“Chilling, thrilling and pitch perfect, will you take Jennifer Wylie’s hand and be led into a supernatural game? It’s not all child’s-play in ‘Ring Around the Rosie’.” – Katy O’Dowd, Author of The Lady Astronomer.


About jlwylie

Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

One thought on “New Release! My newest YA short story!

  1. donnagalanti says:

    Jen, this sounds delish and I love the cover…stark and creepy. Need to read!

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