New Echo story just released!

Whoo hoo! Another story in my Immortal Echoes world has just been released!

I love writing these stories, and I hope you’ll enjoy this one. The Forgotten Echo was very well received. This story is set in the same world, with some new characters! I hope you enjoy it too!

Please share, tweet and click those like buttons! Hugs and Rainbows!

The Untouchable Echo

Dealing with memories when you’re alive can be difficult. When you’re dead it’s worse.

Echoes are more than ghosts. They grow stronger, can take solid form, and are forever bound to the world and the Immortal who created them. The spells that create them often cause their mortal memories to slowly fade away. Julia never forgot.

Even after a century her memories continue to torment her, leaving her bitter and mistrustful. Cold and withdrawn, she avoids interaction with others as much as possible. Yet, one person continually tries to break through her shell, her Immortal’s other Echo, Jonathan. She hates him for being happy, and for having Warren’s trust and love. Now Jonathan has failed to return from a dangerous mission and Warren has tasked her with finding him.

Becoming trapped in a rune filled room and forced to play a game of pain, will they survive and gain their freedom? Disappearing forever might be easier than facing her memories.

Nothing comes without a price, especially immortality.

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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

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