New Release Alert from Jim Bronyaur-A Mess to Die For

In the second installment of Jim Bronyaur’s hit series, the Minivan Mom Mystery Series, stay-at-home mom, Eve Bailey is at it again, trying to solve a murder.

It seems that Eve Bailey has the worst luck and timing. Just like every night, Eve opens her front door to check her street before locking up for the night. However, on Friday evening, there is a swerving car heading right down the Bailey’s street. It finally comes to a rest when it collides with a stop sign on Eve’s corner. Assuming it is a drunk driver, Eve yells for her husband, Ben, to call police as she heads out to confront the ignorant person. What she finds instead is a man dead from a stab wound in his stomach.
Even though it is not the first dead body she has ever seen, Eve is more bothered by the particular knife sticking out of the man’s gut. The dead man turns out to be the owner of the new casino from the town over. Police investigate and all ties seem to point to a mob hit. Eve starts to believe it also… until someone from her past is suddenly attacked while the suspects are in custody. Now, she must remember where she has seen that knife before.
On top of trying to track down a killer in Marysville, Eve must clean up her own family’s messes. Ben is ashamed to be associated with the new casino. Cody is in trouble at school, again. Delaney has lost her favorite soccer medal, and Penny is faced with a bully at school.

Can Eve possibly solve all of their problems and find the killer before someone else becomes a victim?

From Jim…

I always knew there’d be a sequel for the Minivan Mom Mystery Series.  That’s why I gave it the ‘series’ name and worked hard on creating the characters that I did in the first book.  I wanted the characters to be real and alive so that when it came time for them to appear in the second book, they wouldn’t need much of an introduction.

What I didn’t know was how fast I’d be into the second book after releasing the first one.  This comes from three different reasons…

  1. My wife.  A good man always listens to his wife, right?  The second my wife finished reading the first draft of the first book, she told me to start the second one.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but she kept telling me to start the next book.  For the record, I had the second book mapped out… along with the third book (which has no real release date anytime in the near future).  My wife told me that since the first book was written and since I had the second book planned, why not write it?  Well then… the wife is always right…
  2. Myself.  I couldn’t bear to leave Eve and Marysville yet.  I loved creating Eve and watching her come to life.  I loved writing about the kids, the town, the people, and the story of Marty Manningham.  When it finally ended, I had this picturesque scene in my mind of the family together, enjoying their lives, but when the story ended, Eve walked to the window of her house and looked out, waiting for the next story… I could see it in my mind.  And it stuck with me.  During the editing process, I was able to dig deeper into the story and the characters and the town and once it was all done and it got published, I couldn’t stop myself from writing.
  3. YOU.  Yes, you.  You reading this.  It’s your fault!  The readers made this happen.  When I released the book, things didn’t explode but they took off.  More so, those who were reading the book were writing to myself and my wife, telling us how much they loved it.  I remember one afternoon, we went to the park with our kids for a break.  The entire time we were there, we had a reader telling us where she was in the book, how hooked she was, and then when she finished, she wanted more.  And so did a lot of people.  People started emailing my wife asking for the second book.  When we posted the cover of the second book, readers rushed to Amazon thinking they book was out.  Heck, my sister-in-law last week took a picture of a black Lincoln at a bank and sent it to me!  So because of all the readers, the second book needed to come to life.  And it did.

Those are the reason why A Mess to Die For is for sale today.  If you dare ask me about a third book, I’ll laugh.  In reality, I have the third book being out before 2012 ends, but that’s not a promise.  Right now things are growing so fast, projects are lining up left and right but there’s a special place in my heart for Eve Bailey and the Minivan Mom Mystery Series… and who knows, it may only take a handful of reader requests for me to pull out the third outline and get cracking.

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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

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