Guest Scott Bury on Independent Authors International

Today I have a special guest, author and member of Independent Authors International, Scott Bury.  Please take a moment to learn about this new group!

Indie authors face special challenges. More than authors whose works are published by corporations, big or small, the indies have the responsibility for all the tasks that follow writing a book: story-editing, copy-editing, proofreading (those are three distinct jobs), design, layout, cover design, formatting for print or electronic publishing, and then publicizing and marketing the book.

If that’s not enough to discourage the stoutest heart, then they have to put up with the sneers of the publishing world: “Self-published books don’t measure up to the standards of commercial publishers in editing or design.”
That’s why I’m so excited to join a group of 10 authors from 5 countries who are forging a new cooperative publishing model: Independent Authors International.

The members are all professional writers not affiliated or published by any major imprint. Instead, we are all independent authors who recognize that writers can provide all the services that a major publishing house can offer: editing, proofreading, design, e-book formatting, layout for print books and publicity. We’re sharing these services with each other to raise the quality and the credibility of independent publishing.

The iAi’s goal is to help its members produce quality, professional works recognized by literary agents, publishers, booksellers, and readers. The group is a democratic, cooperative organization controlled by its members.

The iAi currently has 10 authors and publishing professionals from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel and the Philippines. The iAi website at has information on the organization’s goals and principles, a list of members, books that meet iAi criteria and links to sites where these books can be purchased.

Come visit the site and learn more about excellent independent authors!
Scott Bury is a member of Independent Authors International and author of The Bones of the Earth.

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