The Lady Astronomer- YA Steampunk

Welcome to our stop on  The Lady Astronomer Blog Tour ! If you haven’t checked out Katy O’Dowd’s new release then you certainly should!

Lucretia’s life as an astronomer is quickly turned on its head by her eldest brother when he is commanded by the king to build the grandest telescope in the land. Her nights spent on rooftops gazing at the stars are replaced by adventure as the family move to be nearer the king. In a race to build the Forty-foot telescope on time, misfortunes take their toll. The lady astronomer finds court life to be more dangerous than she could have ever imagined. Can she find the strength inside to overcome the obstacles threatening her destiny? Only the
stars will tell.

* * *
Special Note:
We are proud to publish our first novel from an author who lives outside of  North America. Katy hails from Ireland. When reading this novel, please keep in mind that English is not spelled the same everywhere! Because she is from Ireland and her characters also dwell in Europe, we maintained her uses and spellings.

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One thought on “The Lady Astronomer- YA Steampunk

  1. KatyO says:

    Ooops! Serves me right for trying to write with child on lap and getting distracted! Thank you lovely Jen 🙂

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