Don’t read this! You can’t handle it…

Whatever could I be talking about?

Perhaps my newest release with Sean Hayden … Flashy Fiction and Other Insane Tales Vol 2.

Not only does it have the coolest cover ever (The other side of the faced used in Flashy 1) but the stories are more intense, more twisted, more… everything.

This volume also includes my very first psychological horror. Are you ready for that?


Whisperings by Jen Wylie

They come in the night. These wild things. Whisperings in my mind.

They disturb my sleep, make me restless. I wish they would disappear. They don’t. They have in fact, been growing stronger. I can’t remember when they first started, little tendrils in my dreams. Several nights ago, maybe more. I can’t think…I can’t remember…

Tonight they are worse; growing bold, taunting me in the darkness. Restless, I toss and turn as if fevered. I’m not sick, I know I’m not. This isn’t normal. They don’t feel like dreams. If I open my eyes they’re still there, dark shadows slowly invading my mind.

“Sleep,” they whisper.

Always the whispers. I hate them. They tickle almost beyond my hearing. Nearly silent voices murmuring words in menacing tones. I find myself straining to listen, forcing myself to stop and then trying all over again. It is a vicious cycle I can’t seem to stop. Perhaps that is their goal.

I’m so tired it hurts. I want to sleep so badly yet I find myself denying it to listen to the whispers. I need to sleep. I must force myself to ignore them. Though they whisper for me to do so, what they want is not the same. They aren’t asking me to sleep like I so wish to. To fall into the deep slumber which leaves you healed and rested and ready to face a new day. The whispers are too wicked. Too laced with dark intent. The sleep they ask for is the eternal kind.

Somehow they read my thoughts, sending shivers of terror streaking down my spine.

“Sleeeep,” the whisperings agree. “Just…let go.”

I’m not ready for death. I’m too full of youth and life and want to live. I want to wake up. Or am I already awake?

The whisperings don’t like such thoughts. Their mad mutterings increase, trying to drown out my treasonous thoughts. How many voices are there? I can’t even count them they are so intertwined. They slip together and away, delving into my thoughts and seeking out every corner of my mind. There is no escaping them…no escape…

A whispered growl erupts through my mind.

* * *

Don’t you want to read more? Of course you do… if you think you can handle it…

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Another anthology of the strange, bizarre, and just plain weird.

Unicorns, zombies, devils, dark whispers, teddy bears, and …fireflies? Try a taste of writing from two very different fantasy authors. Flash fiction stories are super short and perfect for when you ‘just have a minute’. This anthology contains 15 stories (both flash and longer short stories) from authors Sean Hayden and Jen Wylie. Run the rampart of emotions in this exciting mix of tales. From humor to horror, sweet to twisted, there is something for everyone.


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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

2 thoughts on “Don’t read this! You can’t handle it…

  1. Hmm? Very good, Jen. I like that tease. It sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the tip! I haven’t read anything of yours in a while, and I have yet to read any of Sean’s work. This sounds like just the thing to help me correct this.

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