Tell a Story Day

In a nutshell, the “Tell A Story Day” blog chain tale will kick off on April 15th and run to the 26th. The first post will be the morning of Monday the 15th. After that, each writer will post the next section of the story and a link to the next writer’s website or blog. We’ll be adding to the story a couple times a day for twelve days straight.

Join us on this chaotic, messy, and epic journey, learn about some new authors you might not otherwise hear about, and most of all, giggle along with the rest of us as the collective story spins out in directions none of us can predict.

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And now for my part…. enjoy!

“Alive you say?” The lawyer stared at the engraving of Princess Zyx the android held up, clearly dumbfounded. The beautiful face looked up and smiled at him before sticking its tongue out. “But the Princess has been murdered.”

“No body was ever found. Her death was merely reported by witnesses.” The android looked at the portrait once more and gave it a shake. The princess bounced off the edges until he stopped and then glared at him furiously. “Curious.” He ran through his systems, searching for information on people being trapped, stored, or otherwise confined to engravings or portraits.

“The last to see her being Mrs. Snulgrithn, or Snolthrign Giatztarg  as the case may be. The elf named her liar.”

“Yet this engraving was found in the elf’s possession,” the android pointed out, lights flicking wildly over its metal body as it formulated various scenarios.

“Our simple summons has become not so simple,” the lawyer muttered. Being a lawyer, this didn’t surprise him. Nothing in life was ever simple, and if it was… lawyers could make it complicated more quickly than a troll could bash your head in. He turned back to the security droid, who continued to attempt to subdue the troll entwined in its mechanical tentacles. As he watched, the troll jerked a massive arm free and proceeded to do just that…smashing the droid’s head deep into its metal body. The resulting electric shock lit the troll up like an overdecorated Christmas tree.

Both lawyer and android took a step back as fur fried and sparks flew. The troll, tough beast that it was, roared and struggled to free its massive hand.

“I suggest, considering the new information we have just discovered, that we leave the troll for now and focus instead on retrieving the elf,” the lawyer said, brushing a spark off his suit. “The murder case has possibly just become something much more serious.”

“Agreed.” The android beeped suddenly. “File 1746C. Efernact Spell Journal of 1232. Page 438.”

The lawyer sidestepped the smoking troll and marched quickly through the foundry in pursuit of the elf. “What of it?”

“The spell used on the princess, I believe. The blackest of black magic.”

The android stopped suddenly behind him and the lawyer turned. “Is that so?” The lawyer tensed, hand moving slowly toward the portfolio.

“According to the journal, this spell can not be cast by an elf.” Beeping again, warning lights flashed on and off. “It can only be cast… by a lawyer.”

Next installment over at J. M. Perkins site! Click here!


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