Tell a Story Day… the story continues…

In a nutshell, the “Tell A Story Day” blog chain tale will kick off on April 15th and run to the 26th. The first post will be the morning of Monday the 15th. After that, each writer will post the next section of the story and a link to the next writer’s website or blog. We’ll be adding to the story a couple times a day for twelve days straight.

Join us on this chaotic, messy, and epic journey, learn about some new authors you might not otherwise hear about, and most of all, giggle along with the rest of us as the collective story spins out in directions none of us can predict.

Start at the beginning! READ HERE

And now for my part…again… enjoy!

…jolly. I hate the happiness, the laughter. Most of all…I hate elves!”

Princess Zyx, blinked and glanced down at her now elfin form. “Really. Is that so?” Brushing aside the blizzard of angry snowflakes assaulting her, she glared up at her father in disbelief and anger. “Burbleglax, I need you.”

The imp rushed forward, twitching anxiously.

The princess gestured to Claus. “Who is this man?”

With a startled blink, the imp stood taller and then regarded the raging man before them.  Sharp eyes took in everything from the length of whiskers to the precise shade of eye color. “He is Claus…and yet… he is not.”

She nodded once, sharply. “As I suspected.” Raising her ukulele, she dashed forward and bashed the startled man she called Daddy over the head. The man dropped like a bag full of year old shortbread cookies. Her ample bosom heaving, she smiled and dropped her now smashed instrument.

“Well done, princess. But… now what?”

“Hmm. A very good point.” Her hands went to her hips and she tapped her foot as she stared at her father. “First we’ll tie him up, and then we will find my one true love!”

The imp sighed and tore the strings off the ukulele to use as make-shift rope. The princess was ever so dramatic. Hopefully she’d marry someone soon and settle down.


The elf turned to the android as the Assembly General approached. “I never thought I’d wish to have a lawyer present…

Continue the story on J.M. Perkins site (link coming soon)


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