Mega Giveaway! WaaR Christmas Giveaway! Enter Now!

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Don’t miss out on this awesome giveaway!!

 Up for grabs:
Darkmotive’s Books and More – $5 Amazon GC

Brian Bigelow – Beyond Realms / An Ill Wind Cometh

Bonnie Bernard – Rest Inn Peace (5 ecopies) / Road Rash (5 ecopies) / One set – Midnight Hunter trilogy / Slice (5 ecopies) / Betty Badass (Volume One in the Badass Chronicles) (5 ecopies)

L.G. Castillo – LASH

JK Accinni – $5 Amazon GC / three book anthology

Kim Headlee – Dawnflight

C.R. Everett – Love, Carry My Bags

Sabrina Samples – Wicked Souls

Brandy L Rivers – New Beginnings

Genevieve Scholl – Love Claus

Catherine L Vickers – Bk 1 Guardian Dragons / Bk2 Flight of a Changeling / Book 3 Blood Bride

HJ Daly – Pulse

Violet Patterson – Ryder on the Storm

De Ann Townes Jr – A King Among Prince / Peer Inside My Soul and See Me

Jen Wylie – Broken Aro / Flashy Fiction bundle

Helen J. Christmas – Special Edition Same Face Different Place

RaeBeth McGee-Buda – 3 Ebooks

Katy O’Dowd – The Lady Astronomer

Sheryl Seal – Beyond Bridalveil Fall

A.O. Peart – Almost Matched

AJ Lape – Grade A Stupid / No Brainer

Gillian Joy – Guardian / Forever

Sponsors (click to be taken to their Goodreads profile):

* Darkmotives Books And More * Brian Bigelow * Bonnie Bernard * L.G. Castillo * J.K. Accinni * Kim Headlee * C.R. Everett * Sabrina Samples * Brandy L. Rivers * Genevieve Scholl * Catherine L. Vickers * H.J. Daly * Violet Patterson * De Ann Townes Jr * Jen Wylie * Helen J. Christmas * RaeBeth McGee-Buda * Katy O’Dowd * Sheryl Seal * A.O. Peart * A.J. Lape * Gillian Joy *

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