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The Samantha Series, by award-winning author Claudia Whitsitt, follows Samantha Stitsill, an amateur sleuth with a penchant for solving domestic mysteries. A special education teacher, widow, and mother of five children within a blended family, her curiosity consistently lands her in mounds of trouble.

Here’s an example of one of the series many solid reviews. “And I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a book more. The author, without being presumptuous, spins a good tale that had me guessing the entire book. And I usually get bored with trying to solve the mystery, for I usually have it before the middle of the book. Some authors throw a kink into the mix late in the book and think that it adds to the mystery, but I find it deplorable. Ms. Whitsitt, much like the old “Nero Wolf” mysteries, puts it right up front, and she defies you, successfully, to solve the mystery. I find her writing style, her melding of characters, and plot twists, realistic and both terrifying and heart warming. Not many authors for which I await the next offering, but I’m awaiting the next in this series with great anticipation.”


In Internal Issues, the third installment in the series, Samantha has just returned from tracking her husband’s mistress to Japan where she was also deceived into a meeting with his murderer and, along with detective Jim McGrath, killed him…again.

The poor woman needs a break. But, she’s not that lucky…

After arriving home, a friend leaves a frantic phone message and then disappears. Though Sam’s instincts warn against it, she can’t resist gathering information. Dangerous men begin to follow her, and Sam realizes she has inadvertently placed her family in peril once again. This time, her greatest fears will come true.

“You go looking for trouble, Sam, you’re going to find it.”~Jim McGrath, Detective

claudiaAbout the Author

Claudia Whitsitt, who lives in Michigan, is a recently retired special education    teacher and the mother of five grown children. She spends her days writing and enjoys a glass of wine in the evening with her husband, Don.

You can reach Claudia through her website at, email her at, or LIKE her on Facebook at


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Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

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