The Broken Ones- Book 3 teaser #4

I posted this over on my author facebook page (If you haven’t liked me there, you really should! Lots of teasers, updates and giveaways!) Anyways, for those who missed it I promised if Broken Aro got to 100 reviews on Amazon I’d post ANOTHER teaser of my current work in progress-Book 3! Well you all did it… so here you go!


He stopped, grasping her arm and forcing her to stop as well. The incredulous look on his face surprised her. “Are you saying you did this? You intended to make a pack?”

Kei growled beside her, shifting uneasily. Don’t. It’s fine.

She shrugged at Rhee-En, trying to pull her arm from his hand. Mostly, she concentrated on keeping her mind locked and safe, and her tongue still.

“Have you any idea what you have done?”

“I saved his life,” she snapped. She met his gaze defiantly. “I did what I had to do. They are my family.”

A weary sigh escaped him as he shook his head, dropping her arm. “I do not think it can be undone. Not easily. I suppose that matters not for now. Such a thing is a matter for the king, not I.”

“The king?” Her words came out sounding strangled.

“He knows of you already.”

“Why? Why would he know of me?” As panic rose within her, Kei’s hand found hers, lending her strength.

“The king knows of everything in his lands, Arowyn. We are to report to him anything out of the ordinary, or of interest. Since the first time we met, he has known of you.”

Of course, since a human travelling with Fey and Were and an Elven prince was certainly not normal. “I suppose he knows of me fighting the Vor.”

“Yes. And the prophecy, and you healing the Fey. Also of your healing. He knows everything.”

“Rot,” she muttered, rubbing her face. Though she felt Rhee-En meant her no harm, that didn’t mean she trusted him. Not when it came to the lives of her boys. “What will he do?”

“That I do not know. He has shown interest, but has not come. He has been north most of the summer. However, I would not be surprised if he will come now.”

“Does he know already?” Rhee-En shook his head. “Do you have to tell him?”

“He is my king.”

That of course, meant more to the Were than it did to her. “Wither me.”

Want more teasers for book 3 of The Broken Ones?

PrincesmNext teaser will be posted here when Broken Prince gets to 90 reviews!

(At time of posting it’s at 77… so not too hard!)




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