The Broken Ones- Book 3 teaser #5

I posted this over on my author facebook page (If you haven’t liked me there, you really should! Lots of teasers, updates and giveaways!) Anyways, for those who missed it I promised if Broken Prince got to 85 reviews on Amazon I’d post ANOTHER teaser of my current work in progress-Book 3! Well you all did it… so here you go!


Her eyes darted about the room, searching. When she found him, her feet moved a few steps on their own before she forced herself to stop.

He sat sideways on a window seat, one knee up, an arm resting loosely on it. His head rested on the glass as he stared out onto the moonlit landscape.

Her smile faltered. He looked healthy, so breathtakingly beautiful, yet his shoulders slumped and the sadness on his face broke her heart.

She took a few more steps toward him, her bare feet silent on the covered floor. “What’s wrong?”

Strangely, he didn’t react to her words, merely closed his eyes. “I must stop falling asleep here,” he murmured.

Standing quietly, she struggled for something to say.

“Why must I always dream of you? Every time I close my eyes, there you are.”

Her heart stopped in shock, and then started again, beating furiously in her chest. “I thought you’d forgotten me,” she finally said.

He let out a short, dark laugh. “We never forget.”

“Why…” She hesitated, but the need to know drove her to continue. “Why have I not heard from you? It’s been months…and I… I thought…” Words failed her. She sounded so pathetic she wanted to smack herself.

Opening his eyes, he lifted his head a little, but continued to look out the window. “Has it been so long? Strangely, it feels longer.” His eyes closed and he let out a mournful sigh. “I miss your voice,” he whispered.


Want more teasers for book 3 of The Broken Ones?

Next teaser will be posted here when Broken Ar0 gets to 125 reviews!

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One thought on “The Broken Ones- Book 3 teaser #5

  1. mrsgillies says:

    This is the most exciting teaser yet!!!

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