Update: The Broken Ones Series

Aro Coversm

Hi, everyone!

Well since I get a lot of messages, comments and emails asking for updates on the series I though I might as well do a post about what’s going on. (I’ll also post this on my website, as this post will probably get buried here sooner)

So, on to the most common questions…

“How many books will there be?”

The series was originally supposed to be 3 books; Broken Aro, Broken Prince and Broken Kei. I really should have known better, but that’s all hindsight. Right now I can say it will be AT LEAST four, possibly five books. Broken Prince finished with the end of the arc about getting him home, however there is still the main story arc involving the Fey and and the prophecy. This originally was supposed to be in book 3, but then I had the issue of having a whole winter between the end of book 2 and 3 to deal with, which now has turned into a story all its own. This is the book I’m currently working on, which as of yet has no title (It will be Broken…something. LOL) Book 4 will begin in the spring and I’m not going to be surprised at all if finishing the tale takes another book as well.

“When will the next book be out?”

Good question! I’d hoped to have it out this spring, but real life has consistently gotten in the way. I know this is frustrating for you all, and is more so for me. I had a plan, I have the story in my head…but getting time to write it has been the issue. That said, I’m almost 3/4 done now and am writing as fast as I can. I’ll keep you updated on when I finish, and how the edits etc are going. (I really recommend you stop by my page on Facebook– I post updates, news, teasers and host a lot of giveaways there!) Another way to stay up to date is my new mailing list– I’ll send out a newsletter when book is almost ready to go!

Princesm“I want to help, what can I do?”

Reviews are always appreciated (especially posted to Amazon) I provide free ebook copies (mobi, pdf, pdf) to reviewers in exchange for an honest review. Sharing links, talking about the books, etc always help! I also am always happy to provide bloggers (or facebook group pages) with ebooks and swag for giveaways. If you’d like to do a feature/spotlight etc on your blog just let me know and I can send you a media kit. The more people see the books out there the more it helps!

I love to hear from all my readers, so feel free to message me on facebook or shoot me an email (jenniferw2mail at gmail.com)

Super big rainbow hugs to you all! Your support has been fantastic and the books certainly wouldn’t be doing as well as they are without you!


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One thought on “Update: The Broken Ones Series

  1. Tobi H says:

    I can’t wait! And life happens! My goodness you’d think being laid up for 3 months meant tons of reviews done…yeah…I’m so behind! Take your time! Thank you for the wonderful books! ❤

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