The Broken Ones- Book 3 teaser #6

I posted this over on my author facebook page (If you haven’t liked me there, you really should! Lots of teasers, updates and giveaways!) Anyways, for those who missed it I promised if Broken Aro got to 125 reviews on Amazon I’d post ANOTHER teaser of my current work in progress-Book 3! Well you all did it… so here you go!

Will there be more teasers? Hard to say… the book is almost done! Only a few more chapters to go and then it will be off to the editor 🙂 It’s longer than I’d expected and been more of a challenge to write… Aro is being quite troublesome. 🙂

In case you missed it… the title for Book 3 is Broken Promises

Without further adeu… enjoy!

(1st draft- unedited!)


A hand rested gently on her head and a man spoke softly.

“Will you wake today?”

Though not reacting to the touch or words, they pulled at her, tempting her into wakefulness. The world shifted, other sounds teased her ears. Bed. She was in a bed, someone else had just moved from it.

The shhctk sound of flint and then a warm glow hit her eyelids. Though on her back, her head faced the light to the side. She could feel the weight of her hands across her stomach, the softness of the sheets over her, even the bed and pillow cradling her, yet she couldn’t make any part of her body move.

Her eyes fluttered open and closed a few times before she finally managed to hold them open. The blurred image of a man standing with his back to her came partially into focus before they closed again.

Confusion swirled through her thoughts once more. Had he been…naked?

The bed heaved as he sat on its edge. She heard faint sounds she eventually recognized as him pulling on pants, socks, boots.

By the time she managed to force her eyes open again she saw him pulling on a shirt. It looked very much like the one she’d worn in her dreams. The one she wore now? Had they truly been real?

She tried to focus, concentrating on this stranger. What had Damon said? She was in no danger? What did that even mean exactly?

Even sitting, the man appeared tall. Wide, well-muscled shoulders tapered to the narrow waist of a young man. Dark hair, she wasn’t sure if it was black or a dark brown in the low lamplight, hung in a slightly wavy mess to his shoulders.

He adjusted his sleeves and then tipped his head, pulling his hair from the shirt collar and then running his fingers briskly through it.

For a moment she forgot to breathe.

On the back of his neck, hidden by his hair, had been a rune. Even with her vision not working exactly as it should, she knew it to be the same as Prince’s. A glamor rune.

Her rescuer, or captor, was an Elf.

Aro Coversm



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2 thoughts on “The Broken Ones- Book 3 teaser #6

  1. mrsgillies says:

    I am so, so excited for when book three is released!!!

  2. Scorpio Scribes says:

    I can’t wait! These teases are killing me!

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