What’s new with author Jen Wylie

~~News Report!!~~

#1 Broken Promises is scheduled for an early October release! ~squee~ If it will be available for pre-order is still not confirmed, it depends on how long edits etc take, and considering it is right now sitting at 107k words…it may take a bit longer than usual.
#2 There will be a cover reveal sometime in Sept. (This is still being set up.) If you have a blog, I will be posting here on the page about sign ups for it. (And YES newsletter subscribers will still get the FIRST look!)

#3 I’ve made arrangements with a wonderfully talented editor to work on rewrites (and a very thorough edit) for Sweet Light. This will be going on thru this fall/winter (or until it’s all fixed up)

#4 This week I’m back to writing! Still not 100% if I’m doing Broken Kei or a 2nd Tales of Ever. I’ve actually started both of them… so we’ll see where my fingers take me

Thank you again, everyone, for your continued support!
~~~Hugs and rainbows~~~


About jlwylie

Stay at home mom of 2 boys, avid reader and writer. Published by Untold Press

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