Broken Kei Teaser (The Broken Ones book 4)

Yes, book 4 of the Broken Ones is in the works! However, no, I don’t know when it will be released… still writing! I do promise to keep you all up to date :)

Teaser: Broken Kei (1st draft)

She held him tighter, rocking him. “We’ll fix it. Just stay with me.” His eyelids began to flutter again. “Kei!” She shook him again. “You have to stay with me.”

Heart wrenching sorrow filled his eyes as tears slipped down his face and his hand tightened on hers. “Can’t hold on,” he whispered.

“You can,” she insisted. I’m with you, always. “Kei!” Her shout roused him once more. “Forever beside you I shall stand,” she whispered, locking her gaze with his. “Together or apart, always I will be with you.”


A faint smile pulled at her lips and she sniffed, blinking back tears.

There he was.

“Help me,” he stuttered out. “I can’t…”

“I will. I will,” she promised.

Now Available in Print! Broken Promise by Jen Wylie


Broken Promise by Jen Wylie

Published October 7 2014

Book 3 of The Broken Ones


Ebook Price 3.99 Available at [Amazon]

Print 13.99 Available at [Createspace][Amazon]

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A year of turmoil takes its toll on Arowyn Mason and her companions. After delivering the Elven prince to his homeland, they decide to ride out the winter in the city of Westport before starting their quest to heal the Fey. Like most things in Aro’s life, nothing goes according to plan.

As Kei struggles with the prophecy bound within him, his sanity begins to unravel.  A prophecy and a promise are broken, and forgotten threats resurface with dire consequences. The Dragos is watching and the Were king is displeased with the disregard of Were law. Aro scrambles as yet another threat emerges. The Elves, displeased with their prince, exploit his only weakness…her.

Aro is forced to find a new ally, a cold-hearted, ruthless pirate named Roan. He is more than he seems and Aro must learn who she can trust, or it will cost more than just her life. She has grown stronger, but is it enough to save herself, her family, and the Elf she loves?