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You read that right. You can now click away so you’ll have Broken Kei sent to you as soon as it releases! Better yet…. the release date is THIS WEEK! August 2nd the wait will be over!

This summer has been CRAZY busy. I’ve barely been home and between visiting family and travelling I’ve not had a lot of time to do much marketing. At least I got it out when I’d hoped to, so there is that! I actually just got home at 2:30 am this morning from Florida… and I’m heading out again tomorrow morning. Road trip with my boys! Destination unknown… just kidding. (Now you have that song stuck in your head, don’t you?) We’re headed to Florida with plans to hit Islands of Adventure, I drive in Orlando, and go on a deep sea fishing trip again (Hoping to see some dolphins, turtles, or other awesome creatures again).

So, back to the book… here’s the info. Feel free to share with your friends. I hope you all enjoy the read. I had a lot of fun writing it, even if it did take me a while. Thank you again for all your patience and support! Lots of love ❤ ❤


The time has come.

Aro and Kei must head to the Were forests to heal the Fey. As always, obstacles stand in their path. This time it is not just others between them and their goal, but themselves.

Kei is a battered and broken shell of who he once was. Aro still struggles with her addiction to riath and dealing with all the losses in her life. Now she needs to find a way save Kei from himself before it’s too late. To face the trials to come and heal her friend, she must to learn to trust and rely on others, even enemies.

She will need to learn and grow stronger to survive the forest. Healing the wild Fey will be dangerous itself never mind the forests which are anything but safe. With relationships that are tenuous at best and the Vor growing in numbers, mistakes are now deadly, especially when everything is falling apart.

To survive, she needs to protect those she loves while protecting her own heart as well. With the help of a broken Fey, a pirate, and a crazy elf, anything is possible…

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Broken Kei Teaser #3

Hi Everyone!

Well, I promised when Broken Aro got to 175 reviews I’d give you all another teaser for Book 4, Broken Kei. You did it, so check out the teaser below (Please note this is from the first draft, not edited, and things may change etc)

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Baelan’s mind was… unexpected. Opening her eyes, she found herself standing within a dark forest, the Elf beside her and still holding her hand.

The black trees drew her attention. Tall, spindly with reaching empty branches, they looked…burnt. Despite the lack of leaves, the shadows they cast appeared larger than they should be. She couldn’t see the sky above her, yet a faint light came from somewhere. As she stared, trying to figure it out, a breath whooshed out of him.

“Don’t look too closely.” His fingers squeezed hers briefly before he let go, drawing her attention back to him. His eyes darted about and he frowned, pushing hair from his face with trembling hands. “Come, there is a better place.”

He took off through the strange trees surrounding them. After a step she paused at the crunching sound beneath her feet and looked down. The ground was covered with bones. “Baelan?”

Stopping a few steps ahead of her, he turned, but didn’t meet her gaze. It occurred to her then, he didn’t want her in his mind any more than she wanted him in hers.

“Is it…safe here?”

A twisted laugh escaped him and he gave her a dark smile. “Of course, my lovely. Everyone here is already dead.”


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