Book Review: Dark Shines My Love

The latest book I’ve read, and my first to review on my blog, is Dark Shines My Love. Author Alexis Hart has truly woven a wonderful story in this romantic novel. I would say that I couldn’t put it down however as I read it on my computer I’ll just say I literally did not step away until I’d finished.

First of all, the title itself drew me to this book. It became quickly apparent as I read that I would not be disappointed in choosing this novel. The characters are wonderful in their realism and distinct personalities. The plot flowed quickly and easily as a good romance should.

You feel for the leading characters Patric and Callie. They have both been broken, in differing ways. Blinded as a young child, Patric has grown to become a dark and bitter recluse. Callie arrives as the next in a long line of nurses, fleeing an abusive, domineering ex-husband with few possessions, her young son, and their kitten.

The descriptive writing is amazing and the dialogue pulls you along with the characters emotions. I loved Patrics dark attitude, and how Callie responded to him . Patrics blindness is central to the novel and his reactions to it, and how he lived with it, I found to be written very well. Callie’s son added light and laughter, and I cannot forget the darling Mardis Gras who I grew quickly fond of (even though I am NOT a cat person!)

You will find both humor and seriousness in this book, and of course some wonderful love scenes. These scenes were not too short to leave the reader frustrated, and also were not so very graphic that I’d blush and flip ahead (I have been known to do this on occasion!)

Overall, I would definitely recommend Dark Shines My Love. Any reader who enjoys a good romance novel with a touching love story that captures you and pulls you along until the very end should give this book a read!

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