Ghost Hunting with author Marie Dees

I’d like to welcome as my guest author today Marie Dees! Read on about her fun ghost hunting adventure!

I went ghost hunting this weekend at Ashley’s of Rockledge, a Florida restaurant with a long history of being haunted. I car pooled with two young ladies who lived near me, one who had never been ghost hunting and one who is now the newest member of the team. Mostly because Mike didn’t see what we were getting up to on the investigation. (If you read this, don’t tell him.)

Ghost hunts are interesting things, and they all work a little differently. Mike, who leads the team, is as serious as the guys you see on Ghost Hunters on TV. (Serious like Jason Hawes from TAPS, not Zak from Ghost Adventurers.) This investigation ran very late because we had to wait for the restaurant to shut down. (Thanks to the folks at Ashley’s for giving us the run of the place.) But this meant by the time we got going it was late at night and perhaps that influenced the events and why my table was like the bad girls who sit in the back of the classroom and don’t pay attention to the teacher.

When we ghost hunt, the team brings tons of equipment. (Yes, like the stuff on Ghost Hunters.) But since we were in a restaurant, we had the equipment on Mike’s table while the rest of us sat at the other tables. Mike led the sessions and we all let him know when we were getting responses. This worked fine upstairs.  Then we moved to the area that was booths.

So, the three of us found ourselves sitting in a booth where we couldn’t really see what was going on in the main part of the investigation. And we discovered there were four of us, because we seemed to have picked up a ghost who was more interested in hanging out with us than having a serious question and answer session with Mike.

See, ghosts can be like that. They may not be interested in the serious questions the investigator is asking like “can you tell us how you died?”  Especially if three teams of investigators have been looking into the same area. The ghost might be floating around thinking “look, I told the last guy how I died. Do you have anything more interesting?”

For this ghost, what was more interesting was a flashlight a collection of crystals.  The restaurant was dark and we spent about 20 minutes putting various shiny objects – from jewelry to a large quartz crystal – in front of the flashlight so the ghost would turn the light on and off. At one point, I picked out one of Cara’s crystals, trying to see in the dark if it was perhaps a piece of ametrine. Then I put it in front of the maglite flashlight and whispered a request for the ghost to turn the flashlight up as much as possible so I could see the crystal.  The maglite came on and kept getting brighter until we could all see the crystal.

The interesting part was that by then, we’d all become so used to the ghost cooperating, it didn’t even surprise us.  Instead we were all more worried that Mike would notice we weren’t paying attention to the main investigation and ask us to behave more appropriately.  All of us, including the ghost. But sometimes girls, and apparently ghosts, just wanna have fun.

If you’re interested in the paranormal, check out my blog and my books over at  My current ghost hunting research will soon figure into both the Cassadaga Mystery series and Lucifer’s Boys M/M erotica series.

Unfamiliar Territory By Heather Stearns (also known as Heather S. Ingemar)

I’m not the most adventurous soul on the block. When I find something that works or that I understand, I tend to stick with it. Not to say I’m a formula writer (I much prefer letting the characters do what they want), but short stories make sense to me. Therefore I write them.

But what happens when you have a story that refuses to be a story? Or, more to the point, what happens when you’re so bored with what you’re doing that your muse hops a plane to Tahiti just to shake you up?

You follow!

2011 has been my year of muse-chasing. I returned to my musician roots and told stories with songs. (I’m proud to say I finished my debut E.P., “Fledgling,” at the end of this summer!) And this Fall I decided to try my hand at the serial story. I’m currently posting installments to “Shatterproof” (a paranormal urban fantasy) on my website on Saturday mornings, and so far it’s a good kind of different.

So how did I get over being a creature of habit? Delving into unfamiliar territory can be frightening, after all! (Lord knows I was scared when my husband suggested I try writing the songs that kept wanting to come out! I was a short story writer, NOT a songwriter!) It came down to the question of what’s scarier: following that muse toward something new or putting your tired art down completely?

For me, the answer was “Quick — follow that muse!”

* * *

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