Broken Kei Teaser #2 and update

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I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. I just wanted to give you all an update on Broken Kei, book 4 in The Broken Ones series and share a little teaser. This year has been rather crazy so at this time, Broken Kei isn’t done yet. Still writing away though and really hoping to have it out this year.  I severed a tendon in one finger back in July, it’s still movable, but the scaring is pressing on nerves (the ones that didn’t get cut, too) and the joint so I can’t type for long before it hurts too much. Real Life has thrown me a bunch of loops this year as well, but I promise the book will get finished and out as soon as possible. Thank you so much to everyone for your support. I really love to get your emails and messages 🙂 They really help a lot on the ‘bad days’ and I save every one! ❤

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So here is another teaser for Broken Kei:

(from 1st draft)

He looked away, a frown crossing his beautiful face. “Do you remember the Dragos saying I was…unstable?”

Her eyebrows rose. “You heard that?”

With a grimace he nodded, still not looking at her. “He wasn’t far from the truth, Arowyn. Being what I am…” The Elf took a deep breath and started over. “I didn’t want to kill. I wasn’t given a choice. I did as I was told or I would die, that was made quite clear to me.”

Again, too many questions flooded her mind. “Someone forced you to be an assassin?” She couldn’t even imagine what it would be like to be forced to kill.

“If I wouldn’t take my place in court, then I would be made use of,” he said flatly.

Clearly someone in power had done this. Who? Why? “Then why were you punished? What the court did, it seems so…harsh.”

He laughed, and the bitterness in it shocked her more than his amusement. “They didn’t punish me for killing you. It was because I got caught.”

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