Writer How-To’s

I know I have a category for my blog posts about this, however I also file guest blogger tips there too…

So here are my How To’s and I hope they help!

How to get Reviewers for your Book NEW!

How to Plan a Blog Tour

See also – Blog Tours- are they worth it?

How to Blog- and get people to read it!

How to Make a Book Kit

How to Make the Most out of Twitter- Twips and Twicks!

Marketing Plans- What they are and how to do!

Ideas for interesting Author Interview Questions

Portraying Emotion in your writing

Seeing Red… for those who need a kick to appreciate their editors!


One thought on “Writer How-To’s

  1. Danette Jacobs says:

    My 12yr old son is addicted to reading your newest ebook. He’s finding it difficult to set down the tablet. He keeps telling me what a great writer you are and wants more. I have to say thank you for making reading so enjoyable for the youngsters today. It’s people like you that deserve nothing but kudos.

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