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Jarl ebookTogether Saga and Jarl managed to survive their years at school, guarding their secrets from even their closest friends. When Jarl graduates as a full mage and Saga becomes a weapons master, it is time for them to return to Vanaheim where Jarl will continue his studies as future ruler. This training includes extensive travel in the countryside so Jarl can meet many of his future subjects and practice his Wayfarer skills.
Saga, feeling confined after so many years at the school, can’t wait for the adventure and freedom the travel will bring. Hints they may be in danger doesn’t deter her enthusiasm. Especially when they discover her people may be behind the rumors.
Jarl, also excited about the adventure, is a bit more apprehensive about the danger they may face. He worries how his parents…

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Broken Kei Teaser #3

Hi Everyone!

Well, I promised when Broken Aro got to 175 reviews I’d give you all another teaser for Book 4, Broken Kei. You did it, so check out the teaser below (Please note this is from the first draft, not edited, and things may change etc)

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Baelan’s mind was… unexpected. Opening her eyes, she found herself standing within a dark forest, the Elf beside her and still holding her hand.

The black trees drew her attention. Tall, spindly with reaching empty branches, they looked…burnt. Despite the lack of leaves, the shadows they cast appeared larger than they should be. She couldn’t see the sky above her, yet a faint light came from somewhere. As she stared, trying to figure it out, a breath whooshed out of him.

“Don’t look too closely.” His fingers squeezed hers briefly before he let go, drawing her attention back to him. His eyes darted about and he frowned, pushing hair from his face with trembling hands. “Come, there is a better place.”

He took off through the strange trees surrounding them. After a step she paused at the crunching sound beneath her feet and looked down. The ground was covered with bones. “Baelan?”

Stopping a few steps ahead of her, he turned, but didn’t meet her gaze. It occurred to her then, he didn’t want her in his mind any more than she wanted him in hers.

“Is it…safe here?”

A twisted laugh escaped him and he gave her a dark smile. “Of course, my lovely. Everyone here is already dead.”


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